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Our Mission

The blockchain space has exploded in recent years…

but many people still don’t really understand what Blockchain is or why it’s such a massive opportunity to so many entrepreneurs and investors.

By making Blockchain more approachable to the masses, we hope to inspire people to innovate in the space with an entrepreneurial approach. Blockchain truly has transformative potential that will DIZRUPT how we operate our daily lives in the future and those who get involved now will reap the benefits!

What Is Dizruptiv?

This isn’t just an education opportunity, it’s a money making opportunity! You’ll have the chance to grab a strong understanding of how you can take advantage of the Blockchain and Crypto space regardless of your knowledge level.

We are excited to share that this will be the first program ever to combine both an Education platform and Ongoing Social Community which will reveal ALL of the BEST KEPT SECRETS that the biggest players in the industry have been hiding.Forget “Crypto Newsletters” and “Bitcoin Gurus”... these are real courses that teach you to become a master of investing a ton of cash in Bitcoin and Blockchain. Before Dizruptiv, there was no single resource that could teach you the blockchain technology, how to invest, and most importantly how to truly profit from Crypto UNTIL TODAY!

This truly is a one a kind program! While Dizruptive is still relatively new, it is already packed with xxx pages of original, quality content, including educational xx videos which will teach you the basic and advanced fundamentals on how to become successful in the blockchain and CryptoThe course comes with hand selected coaches designed by some of the most expert moderators in the space. Right now we offer a Lifetime Membership to your education portal, 1 year membership access to our online community forum, regular updates, webinars, podcast, and discounted pricing on our live events.

This exclusive program consists of 2 Membership Components :

iDizrupt Training

This extensive 12 Hour Bootcamp is packed with tons of educational material to learn more about Crypto and the Blockchain. Expect to find tons of videos and text materials to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered as you navigate the space and earn money with Crypto.

Message from Dizruptiv

From: Waseem Khan & Jivan Manhas

Rather than use a variety of online resources to control our JV program we have provided two easy ways to find out everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Dizruptiv Program!!

Click Here to make your official Dizruptiv Affiliate Account now
You can scroll down this page to find everything you need!

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Waseem directly. If you have not been receiving any of our emails, please check your SPAM folder.

Thank You!

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Dizruptiv has been tested and proven to CONVERT with xxx PAGES jammed packed with original content and xx hours of video recordings!


Dizruptive is the ONLY course and membership to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to build a solid foundation within this up and coming space that will stay with you for life and earn you money.


This VALUABLE product will take any Blockchain and Crypto enthusiast the NEXT LEVEL


It's a PROVEN system that has a proven track record of producing hundreds of the MOST SUCCESSFUL Crypto traders.


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This will be an EVERGREEN product which continues to keep making you RESIDUAL INCOME, even after the launch.


You will be able to TRACK ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS so you can send out bonuses.

Commissions & Payments

The cost of Dizruptiv is $1,497 for the first 500 people! The price to everyone after that will be $1,997. You will also get 50% commissions for each sale that you refer!

This equates to a commission of:
Standard Partner
30% 1 - 15 Sales A Month
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First 250 Course Sold
$600 Commission On Yearly Membership
After 250 Course Sold
Advanced Partner
40% 16 - 25 Sales A Month
$600 Commission On Yearly Membership
First 250 Course Sold
$800 Commission On Yearly Membership
After 250 Course Sold
Premier Partner
50% 26+ Sales A Month
$750 Commission On Yearly Membership
First 250 Course Sold
$1000 Commission On Yearly Membership
After 250 Course Sold
Dizruptiv Partner
Custom Package Offered to Select Parties
Only offered to select Moderators, Education Leader, Infulencers, Companies, And Joint Venture partners
Please Email:
[email protected]
For More Information
Please note that we will also have a payment plan option which is 3 easy payments of $524 for the first 500 copies sold and just 3 payments of $694 thereafter.

Also, please note that although the refund period is 30 days, the buyer must cancel the product in order to receive a full refund. This will help prevent customers from buying, downloading and immediately returning the product.

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Free Educational Mini Course

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Free Recorded Webinar

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Live Webinar

Lead Prizes

Hit lead goals to automatically win prizes...

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This is a Evergreen Product build up your leads and cash out when you are ready! -launch first place prize minimum in order to qualify is at least 4500 leads, second place minimum is 3000 leads, third place minimum is 2000 leads, fourth place minimum is 1500 leads, fifth place minimum is 1000 leads, and any other prizes being awarded must have at least 300 leads. All prizes will be mailed out after the Advertiser360 has confirmed the lead quality!

Pre-Launch Emails

Email Swipes #1: Free Blockchain and Crypto Report

Email Swipes #2: Free Educational Mini Course

Email Swipes #3: Free Recorded Webinar

Email Swipes #4: Live Webinar

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The contest will run for the spend of the course ( Ever-Green). Prize 1 minimum in order to qualify is at least 120 sales, second prize minimum is 75 sales, third prize minimum is 50 sales, fourth prize minimum is 35 sales, fifth prize minimum is 20 sales, sixth place prize is 15 sales, seventh prize minimum is 10 sales, eighth prizes must have at least 7 sales, and Ninth Prize Minimum of 5 sales.

Sales Page Emails

Email Swipes #1: Sales Letter (subject line)

Email Swipes #2: Follow Up (subject line)

Email Swipes #3: Additional (subject line)


Dizruptiv is there to help you make money! Unlike other product launches, Dizruptiv is EVERGREEN! Our goal is to consistently keep converting all your leads that you bring in from pre-launch or anytime ongoing. You can keep generating leads even years after you initially bring in your leads.

So, we encourage you to keep sending leads even beyond this initial product launch! That’s how you’re going to make the most profit from this program!


You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.